Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oral Medication VS Topical

Which makes more sense?
 To take a pill that is filtered through your entire body OR to target your pain by rubbing Real Time Pain Relief directly on the site of pain!

Oral pain relief medications have three significant drawbacks:

  • Can cause internal damage over time.
  • May not deliver relief where you need it.
  • Over time they reduce pain tolerance, requiring increased dosages.

Real Time Pain Relief uses time-tested ingredients to relieve bruising, swelling, and the pain from injury, arthritis and muscle strain.
Arnica montana - Arnica is used every day by people all around the world who want to relieve their pain without the negative side effects of oral drugs. A randomized, double-blind study found Arnica montana and ibuprofen to be similarly effective against arthritis pain in the hands and fingers.   

Capsicum cordiforme (also known as Capsicum annuum or Capsicum frutescens) is an effective local analgesic.  Further, Capsicum helps restore pain tolerance to pre-medication levels.
These ingredients deliver powerful relief right where you need it with none of the drawbacks of oral pain meds.
Real Time Pain Relief is a deep penetrating, pleasant smelling lotion; it absorbs quickly and our customers report almost immediate relief from pain. Plus it smells great and there is no lingering medicinal smell.
Real Time Pain Relief is safe, fast acting, and time-tested for efficacy. It is made in an FDA-monitored facility following current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), using only high-quality ingredients determined to be safe for everyday use.

Real Time Pain Relief Is Safe For Everyday Use With No Harmful Side Effects!

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